Travel Tips

This is a page that I will update with my personal Travel Tips. I hope you find these useful for wherever you find yourself traveling to 🙂

  1. Don’t always go for the cheapest flight. This has been learned by my many peers the hard way. It is very likely that you will pick up those costs in extra ways-such as cab fees or baggage fees. Especially be careful when you’re buying your ticket to watch which airport in the city you’re flying into because sometimes the airport is 2 hours away from the city center. An example: Brussels has two airports, one is a 20 minute drive into town & the other is over an hour. That’s one expensive taxi!
  2. In Europe, Expect 90s-style plane boarding. Often you take a crowded bus from your boarding gate to the plane. Note that you do have to take your luggage up stairs to get on the physical plane.