1am thoughts: “Thank you”

I feel incredibly happy but I feel incredibly sad. I have always struggled with adapting to change, but the changes to come very soon have been especially hard. In one year from now, I will be graduating undergrad. Today, some of my dearest friends are.

I have asked this question before. I asked it when I left Rome. What will it be like for this part of my life to be over? What will it be like to not have classes with my graduating friends? Will our relationship continue after college?

These are all questions I don’t know the answer to. But I will soon. That’s the craziest part. I mourn the end of an era. But I also rejoice in the fact that I am so proud of the people in my life. I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to meet and know some of the most influential, honest, kind, and special people on this massive planet.

You, you know who you are. Congratulations.

Thank you

Here’s to you!


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