Life Update: September in Chicago

Chicago sunset from the LondonHouse rooftop bar

Well I’m back. The more days that pass, the less and less familiar the memories and times of living abroad feel. The weirder part is that it doesn’t even feel like my summer happened.

Being back here has been one busy whirlwind! From being President of my fraternity to 18 credit hours (at an honors level) to managing seeing all my new friends… it’s a lot! But that is essentially what college is for-having too much to do and no time!

I love the crazy ride though.

The hardest part of living in the city for me is the commute. I love being downtown and I love being in Roger’s Park at my apartment. It’s hard to split my time..not to mention it’s exhausting. Somedays I am so done but then I have to take a 40 minute shuttle/bus/L ride + walk 1o minutes to finally be home. Some days I don’t want to be home at all-I wanna be out and about exploring this amazing city!

As for school: I am still an HR major with a Finance minor and I’m loving it and very reassured that this is the path for me! I am in the HR classes regarding Compensation and Employment Relations right now. Although I am not connecting 100% with the professors, I am really enjoying the class content. I feel like I am building a great foundation this semester for me to pursue my chosen career!

As for fun… my roommates and I have been enjoying cooking and baking! We also have enjoyed decorating our place and making it our home 🙂

My October adventure goals are to:

  1. Try a new coffee shop
  2. Go to second city
  3. Go to Rocky Horror (again)
  4. Have an awesome halloween!
  5. Go to Lincoln Park Zoo Fall Fest

Thanks for reading my little life update!

XO Cassie


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