Exploregon: Elowah Falls & McCord Creek Trail

Elowah Falls is located near John B Yeon Park. There are a lot of great hikes right in this area including a popular viewpoint hike called Munra Point. This recreation area is about 50 minutes from Lake Oswego if traffic is light.

My story:

Unfortunately traffic West on the I-84 was incredibly dreadful, which made correcting our directional mistakes extremely stressful. Getting to Elowah and Upper McCord Creek Falls was a challenge as the directions provided to us by Google Maps were extremely vague.

This is what inspired me to write this post.

Follow I-5 to the I-84 and take exit 35. Turn left and get onto highway 30 or the Columbia Scenic Highway. From there, you will see what looks like the end of the 30 (it leads back onto the 84 for a bit). If you’ve passed this you’ve gone too far. You should see a car parking lot before the 84 picks back up. Park here and this is the trailhead.

From this trailhead, you can enter part of the PCT, Upper McCord Creek trail, and Elowah Falls. The hike to Elowah falls and back is about 1.6 miles so it’s very short. That is why it is nice to have options to continue to the other trails from this trailhead.

Below is a picture of the 30 where we parked along the road.


The trail–surrounded by amazing firs.


And here is a picture of Cassi and I loving Elowah Falls.

This waterfall was very different from the others I have been exploring this Summer. Waterfall hikes are my favorite because I love to enjoy the water and practice my high intensity motion photography skills. Also, we brought Rayne (my 8 year old Border Collie) and he loves to run and play in the water.

Elowah Falls was HUGE. It was comparable to Multnomah moreso than other falls I’ve seen. This is a rather un-populated hike with a lot of space to take a lunch break. It’s hard to draw your eyes away from the vastness of this little hidden pocket.


Hopefully this might be helpful to someone. If not, I mainly use my blog to document for myself.

This was a fantastic day that ended with Eastwind Drive-in in CascadeLocks. This place is the BOMB with quick drive thru food options and awesome shakes and epic soft serve. Definitely go here if you drive through the locks.

Thanks for reading!



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