Travelling to and getting around Lake Como 

This post is focused on getting to Lake Como from Milano Centrale Station because that is my experience! I hope anyone doing the same finds this post helpful.


Milan to Bellano

If you’re wondering how to get to breathtakingly beautiful Lake Como from Milan, there are a lot of ways! But for Cassi and I, we decided to choose a town with easy travel options. We settled on the small lakefront town of Bellano.

Getting to Bellano is very easy!

All you need to do is buy a €15 round trip ticket from Milano Centrale to Bellano Tartavalle. You can do so by going to Trenord’s website and typing in the required credentials. From here, all you have to do is board the train and off you go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Luckily, the Bellano train station is centrally located and it will not be difficult to find your airbnb or hotel from there. I always recommend downloading the google maps app and then “downloading” the map of the city you’re going to. What this means is that you can have the map of your desired town to access offline. And for the most part, the GPS is accurate so you can follow yourself and get around easily.

I would also like to note that this same train stops in Varenna (one of the 3 most famous cities on this part of the lake). But, I have a bias toward Bellano-it is so quant and delightful!

Alright so you’re in Bellano (or Varenna or Belaggio or Menaggio), now what?

If you want to travel from place to place, it is very easy to do so via the intercity ferry. This ferry goes between Varenna, Bellano, Belaggio, and Menaggio. I recommend buying the day pass (it is valid from start to finish in your port city for 24 hours). The day pass was 15 euros. Cassi and I researched the times up and down to make sure we had time to hit all the stops. It actually was quite easy! We ended up being able to go to all of the cities in one day and we had a blast!

You can access the Navigation Laghi website here:

Some things to note: the times are rather accurate on the time schedule and the ferries truly do only stop for the alluded time (usually only a couple of minutes). The times in red are the “jet boat” that costs an extra 1.50 euro per trip. Also, the hardest city to coordinate is Menaggio as it stops there less often. Make sure to plan ahead for traveling on the ferry because if you miss it, you may or may not be completely screwed.

Ciao & thanks for reading!


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