A day spent in Milano

My best friend Cassi and I did a day in the wonderful metropolitan city of Milan before heading for a relaxing two days on Lake Como. It was a short trip, but we both really enjoyed exploring the city. It reminded me a lot of Chicago & I easily noticed the differences between Naples, Rome, and Milan. Milan was more put together and contemporary. The streets were also significantly cleaner than Naples or Rome.

To me, Milan is a must see to round out any Italy trip. I thought it was a great experience, at least for me, to get to see such a wide range of Italian cities. I truly feel like after this weekend I have a much better grasp on what life is like in Italy.


The famous Duomo Cathedral of Milan. This church is dedicated to St Mary of the nativity and is a Roman Catholic Cathedral. The architecture is gothic, which is easy to tell from the tall and plentiful spires! This Cathedral was unlike a lot of the others I’ve seen.


The fountain in the western Castello neighborhood of Milan. This is at the entrance to the touristic site of Castello Sforzesco. Cassi and I particularly enjoyed walking through the Sempione Park which is directly behind the castle. On a beautiful spring or summer day, Milan is pure perfection.


The main touristic shopping square in Piazza del Duomo. This view is very famous for anyone who knows anything about Milan. Even though I usually try to avoid super tourist-y places, Cassi and I enjoyed a reasonable lunch here at La Locanda Del Gatto Rosso (as we were eating at an off time and were starving)!


As for food…

You must try the restaurant Panzerotti Luini.

Panzerotti are like mini calzones or “pizza pockets.” They come in sweet or savory flavors. The plain baked Mozzarella and Pomodoro was amazing. Cassi and I enjoyed it as a snack, but you could easily make a cheap meal out of this place as well. They are on average 3 euro for one. It is a great deal and truly delicious. More detailed information can be found on Trip Advisor about Panzerotti Luini. You should definitely try this place out.

Ciao & thanks for reading!


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