Passing the time in Positano, Italy

A great day spent exploring La Costeria Amalfitana

During our time in Southern Italy, my family and I enjoyed a day of wandering the Amalfi Coast. One of my favorite stops was a town called Positano. This town is all over Pinterest and is one of everyone’s bucket list destinations. It is very easy to see why.

Below are the words I wrote about my short time visiting this wonderful town.

Here is a snap of Positano from above. The town is a beach town, but it continues deep into the hills of the Amalfi Coast. The Ocean is so blue & the colors of the town are incredibly picturesque.

Positano is one of a kind. I thought all Italian coastal towns would be similar, but I was very wrong. Each city is very unique and not at all like another.

Upon arriving, we were in awe. We got out of the car and started exploring right away. I loved walking up and down the winding streets-eventually ended at the black sand beaches of Positano. In addition to the great views, the shopping here was great and it really inspired me to be excited for Summer weather and fashion!
Wandering around, we heard Church bells in the background commemorating the week of Easter. Above us were trellises full of beautiful violet flowers that smelled amazing-we couldn’t figure out if they were lilac or not. Above the trellises, you can see the large cliffs that hold the town together. It is truly magnificent.

The town is full of color and is buzzing with the energy of the locals who love the town just as much as those visiting. It’s very easy to be swept away by the colors, sounds, and smells of Positano.

My family and I were only here for a few short hours,

but we all fell in love & we will be back.

Thanks for reading!

Ciao Ciao




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