A day in Capri. A day by the Sea.

La Bella Isola di Capri

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday gave us an early call time. We had to get down to the major marina in Sorrento by 9:30am in order to catch the right ferry to get us to the amazingly gorgeous Italian island of Capri. Getting on the ship from Sorrento was a mess because, of course, no one waits in line here in Italy. But, after a panic, we finally got our tickets and made it onto the boat. I have always loved being on the sea (now being in the sea is different for me). Below are some of my initial pictures as we pulled into the dock.


My Dad was set on us climbing to the top of the island right away. I didn’t protest as I needed to get out of the tourist-trap marina ASAP. The line to buy tickets for the little trolley “Funicular” that takes you right up the mountainside to the top was too long for us Cumberlands, so we made the initiative to walk the entire way (about a little over a mile up). It was hotter than we imagined and I wasn’t dressed to hike, but I enjoyed it because I’m crazy. Up top the view is ridiculous. Here’s me posing in front of the view from the main area called “Piazzetta.” No fake smiles needed here!!!


From there, we decided to trail off and find even higher views. We ended up in a really cute Eastern part of the island called Matermania. To enjoy a nice walk on the island, find Via Tagara on your google maps app and proceed. Via Tagara has the most gorgeous views EVER. The air is so fresh on this island and the air is buzzing with the sounds of humming birds and laughter. Just look below & then book your one way ticket! 😛


This place it straight out of a dream!

Accidentally, we approached the viewpoints from the wrong direction. We went too far and were stuck to climb stairs up the mountain near Villa Malaparte (apparently Bill Gates owns this) that was equivalent to over 100 floors! It was a brutal workout and I didn’t think I would make it. BUT, I’m so happy I did! I feel very accomplished. In the “non-winter” months there is a nice restaurant to break up the long stairway up called “Ristorante Le Grottelle.” The views were gorgeous up here. We were all starving and were mad the restaurant wasn’t open for a nice break!

After, we found some lunch at a surprisingly good place back by the Piazzetta. I ordered a pizza and ate the entire thing. Frankly, I damn deserved it!!! The family enjoyed their meal too. I cannot find the name of the restaurant unfortunately or else I would recommend it! I want to also add that this area is the main shopping area. I didn’t expect there to be all the top designers on this island in the middle of the Mediterranean, but I guess this was a little naive since I’ve heard how expensive and luxurious Capri is 1,000,000 times. As a day-tourist though, the prices weren’t too ridiculous in my opinion.

At this point we were wondering what to do next because we were on a time scheduled since our ferry back to Sorrento left at 4pm. We rode the “Funicular” down the hill back to the marina. Here, we got approached and asked if we wanted to do a boat tour and we did. Yes that sounds really bad because no you shouldn’t ever do those kinds of things, but hey we did it and we loved it and had an absolute blast-just use discretion, please!!!

We got to see the “white” and “green” grottos and the Romantic Arch (below). Unfortunately the “blue grotto” (the most famous site) was closed on this particular day because of the tides. What we did see, however, did not disappoint! Nothing compares to a sunny day on the sea. I really enjoyed seeing the bright neon orange coral that is situated on the rocks of the island (visible by boat). I always enjoy these types of things because my Dad is a Marina Biologist-so we get to talk shop.

The Romantic Arc by Sea

It was an amazing and incomparable day. I loved Capri and am dying to go back one day. Italy continues to amaze me.

If you’re a future JFRC-er, definitely do Capri! Explore Italy, there is so much more to see than just Rome, Florence, & Milan. Do note, however, that I love those cities too!!! But, Capri and the Amalfi Coast have been my favorite travels so far. I actually thought that these destinations were a more “cultured” (for lack of better world) Dubrovnik.

Thank you to my amazing parents & Loyola for letting me see sights like this and for an incredible end to our week in Southern Italy.

Ciao Ciao and Baci Baci!



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