Days in Dubrovnik

The picture below speaks enough for the beauty of Dubrovnik. As soon as my friends and I heard that we had a couple free days after our Spring Break trip through The Balkans, we knew that the Dalmatian coast had to be our last stop. Here is a diary entry like post to document my day and a half in Dubrovnik. 

March 10-12, 2016


We ended our days travelling with The Balkans spring break group by hopping off one bus to another. Rachel, Aaron, and I ended up having to take an overnight bus to Dubrovnik from Zagreb in order to get to our Airbnb reservation in time. The whole thing would have been fine if it wasn’t so miserable. “Why was it miserable?” you might ask. Well the entire 10 hour overnight bus ride I was on and off vomiting. What ended up happening was on the bus ride before (with all the Spring Breakers) one by one we each started throwing up and getting sick. We don’t know what it’s from, as some of us were somehow untouched by the bought of sickness (including Rachel and Aaron), but all I know is that I got the brunt of it. Being stuck on a bathroomless 10 hour Croatian bus, while profusely vomiting is not my ideal day. Nonetheless, I didn’t break because I knew that at the end of it, I would be in my dream travel destination: Dubrovnik.

Continuing on, the sights outside of the bus (from Split south) were absolutely gorgeous. The Balkans was definitely one of the most scenically beautiful places I have ever been to (and do note that I am from Oregon). We winded through dozens of ancient towns situated on gorgeous blue lakes. They were all engulfed by endless rolling mountains. It was an absolute dream.

Finally after the longest and worst night of my life we had arrived. We stayed in an amazing Airbnb owned by a kind Croatian woman named Marina. It was a gorgeous hillside family home with amazing views of the Island, Lokrum & the Adriatic sea. How the house worked was that the bottom floor was the family home, the next floor was the parent-in-law’s home, and finally the top floor was the guest house. They had a huge piece of property with no neighbors in sight. They also had two cute cats and a sweet dog. Yes, we loved the place. Upon arrival, Marina’s mother-in-law offered us fresh juice and rolls. Of course at this point I couldn’t eat anything and all I needed was a nap!

Anyways, I rallied and put myself together so I could enjoy our only full day in Dubrovnik. We walked the entire town up and down. It was very special because the Old Town is essentially just like walking in a Game of Thrones episode and I am a huge fan! Another cool part about our trip was the fact that they were filming Star Wars episode 8 while we were there! We even got to hear Rian Johnson directing! They had the buildings in the Old Town all made over to look like Star Wars. It was pretty dang cool to see.

We were really sad to find out that the Island of Lokrum was actually closed at this point of the year because we had all really wanted to go and do the hiking there. Even though we were bummed, we ended up settling for the Panoramic boat tour instead.We got to see the Old Town by boat and go all the way around the island. It was very relaxing and it somewhat made up for the fact that we couldn’t go to Lokrum. After that, we did some souvenir shopping and some more exploring.

Later, we freshened up and enjoyed a very nice and relaxing dinner at Dubravka restaurant on the far North side entrance of the Old Town. We loved the aesthetic of this place-situated right on the sea, and the prices were fair. We were recommended to go hereby both Marina (the Airbnb owner) and a local college student who we had a conversation with randomly on the street! While there, I settled for the vegetable risotto & it was delicious. Another cool fact about the restaurant, besides the awesome view, is that the establishment was founded in 1836! I truly and sincerely recommend this place if you’re dining in Dubrovnik.

After, we were all exhausted so we walked back to the apartment and subsequently passed out and slept the whole night through.

The next morning, we cleaned up and ate breakfast at the same restaurant. It is situated on an overlook of the Old Town and the sea, so at night and in the day it is absolutely gorgeous. We sat in a table in the sun. Before we ate, however, we walked down to the main beach and took some pictures and laid in the warm sun-something we hadn’t seen in a while! It was the perfect morning.

After breakfast we walked around the town again. This time we walked up the hillside (which was quite a hike) through the neighborhood part of the town. We enjoyed seeing some locals working in their gardens and picking the fresh fruit from their orange and lemon trees. Everyone in town was loving the sun. From up there, we had some amazing views of the Old Town from above. Along the way, we also did a little more souvenir shopping.

After a peaceful and happy day, it was off to the airport and onto our plane to Munich where we had a 12 hour layover. That was another adventure in itself.

Thanks for reading! You can see more of my photos from Dubrovnik by checking out my instagram that is linked above in the main header.

Ciao Ciao!!!

*please note that my Spring Break posts will be posted out of order. This post about Dubrovnik was easier to write, but I have a lot more to say for my time in Serbia and Bosnia and haven’t necessarily had the right moment to write it. In case you were wondering, my Spring Break was Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia to Munich. So yes, more Spring Break posts are coming soon!!!


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