A Friday for Enjoying Rome’s Villa Borghese



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Friday was a lovely day spent stay-cationing in Rome. I have been spending a lot of time either exploring the Balduina Neighborhood (where campus is) or traveling to various cities, but I hadn’t gotten to enjoy Rome in a while. This weekend was the perfect time to really start planting my roots in downtown Rome because a lot of people were staying in town to prepare for midterms week.

Even though I have been busy preparing for the exams myself, I knew I had to use my time wisely and balance fun and work. I had saw pictures of former students rowing the boats at the Villa Borghese, so I knew that I needed to hit the destination this weekend. My friends Julia and Lukas had visited the Villa the weekend before, so they gave us the low down on what to see and skip. To make the day even better, the weather on Friday was perfect-upper 60 degrees and sunny. So, my three friends and I left after lunch to downtown Rome via the 913 bus for a day of fun before snapping back to reality-a world of studying and sadness 😦

Here are the places we stopped:

Piazza del Popolo- translated “the People’s square.”

Terazza del Pincio- or Pincian Hill. You get here from Piazza del Popolo. Upon a steep but short climb, you encounter some of the best views of Rome!

Villa Borghese-this property is MASSIVE and there is a lot to see! You can easily spend half a day (if not a whole day) there.

Spanish steps- (which are under construction). This is one of the most famous sites in Rome. It has 135 steps in total. At the top is a Church with more gorgeous views of the City.

To conclude the day, we went shopping on Via del Corso & then ate at one of our school’s favorite restaurants: Osteria del’anima. This particular Italian restaurant is famous for their “pear pasta.” This dish is no joke and you must try it if you get the chance.

I leave for my Spring Break in Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia this Friday-so expect some cool posts soon!


4 thoughts on “A Friday for Enjoying Rome’s Villa Borghese

  1. Awesome pictures. Piazza del Popolo is one of my favorite spots! It’s pretty simple, but the wall at the top was the northern reach of the city in ancient days. Oh, and Villa Borghese is pretty awesome too. I miss hanging around these spots. Be sure to enjoy it while you can!


  2. I love reading your blog! My family just booked a cruise around the meditteranean, so this is just getting me so stoked for that. I’ve been considering studying abroad; your posts are really enjoying to read Cassie!


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