Photoshoot in Venezia: shooting with an iPhone 6s

Shooting with your iPhone 6s & my Photography journey

I have had a passion for photography since middle school. I got my Canon DSLR 1000D in 7th grade and from there on out I was always snapping anything I could. My friends and I throughout the years have done countless photoshoots and some of my photos are even featured as art in my home in Oregon. During my senior year of High School I even had 4 or 5 of my senior portrait head shots featured in the Yearbook!

I’ve always enjoyed portrait photography because I love giving people the chance to feel beautiful, hot, gorgeous, artsy-whatever! A good photo is always a confidence booster & we all know it. Recently, however, I’ve also been getting into landscape photography too (which you will see a lot of on my blog and instagram). The more adventures I’ve been embarking on, the more inclined I am to capture the beauty of nature.

(I do believe, though, that moments of beauty are not meant to be captured on camera-so experience your life don’t live it through a lens!)

Anyways, when I started packing to come abroad to Rome, I debated if I wanted to bring my DSLR. My sweet boyfriend got me some amazing camera accessories for Christmas and I was more energized to get back into photography than ever. But I realized that I really need to upgrade my DSLR body from a 1000D (beginner level) camera because at this point the iPhone has better specs than my old camera model.

With my realization, I decided to jump into the financial commitment to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 6s. It was the best decision I’ve made for my photography!

Although I still plan on pursuing digital photography via Canon products, It might be a while before I have the time or money to afford an upgrade.

All my photos on my blog are taken with my iPhone 6s and I’ve been so happy with them! Below are some snaps of me taking photos and below that those are how the photos came out (after a couple small edits on iPhoto-yes you can keep it simple people)!


Of course, it helps to have extremely stylish and photogenic friends to be your subjects! Above are my pals Rachel and Aaron-aren’t they amazing & fabulous?

Below are some of my favorite photoshoot moments from my time in Venice, Italy. The colors in Venice (and Italy in general) are outstanding and I’m obsessed with capturing them.

IMG_1665 (1)IMG_1664IMG_1670

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos I’ve featured on my blog thus far! I’ve enjoyed taking them and having an outlet to share them on.

Happy snapping & ciao!


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