A Tuesday out in Rome

Tuesday night is a party night for American college students here in Rome. It only took me a month to finally make it out of my bed and out on the town…

Last night we ventured downtown to an Irish Pub, The Abbey Theater. This particular joint is a quick bus ride downtown on the 913 bus. After, you just walk across the Tiber into the historical district and make a couple turns down a few back alley streets. The pub is not hard to find, but I suggest google maps (pro tip: you can download a section of any city onto the google maps app and can use it offline).

Overall, last night was an absolute blast. I ended up going down with 5 friends but when we got to the pub it was packed full of various other students from Loyola and beyond. Although the Italian culture is so rich and magnificent, it was nice to have a little familiarity with the food, drinks, and language. We enjoyed the Pub’s Taco Tuesday offer for American students. Also– every day the Pub offers 1 euro “shooter” shots to students & they are quite yummy!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on my first night “out” in Rome.

Below are some of the highlights of the night (predominantly food pictures).

I asked my friend Julia to snap this picture in front of the courthouse at Piazza Cavour. This proves that I do, in fact, live here in the eternal city of Rome and I’m loving it!

In case you’re wondering, below I will provide some other Americanized student hangouts for you to check out (I know future JFRC-ers read my blog)!

To my knowledge, Tuesday nights out are also good for Scholars Pub, G-Bar, and Shari Vari Club.

Of course, go out and find your own fun and drench yourself in Italian culture. But as a current student myself, I know how nice it is to have a night or two of American food and fun as well. Embrace your culture, love it, and love Italia too! Balance is key.

Ciao for now


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