San Giovanni

Roman Catholicism Series Part 2

On Tuesday, February 9th, my Roman Catholicism class and I got to travel on site to another one of Rome’s famous Basilicas, San Giovanni. There is a lot of rich history in this part of town (about 15 minutes from the Colosseum).

Formally called San Giovanni in Lateran, the basilica is the cathedral church of the Pope who is the Bishop of Rome. Originally the church was dedicated to Christo Salvatori (or Jesus Christ, our savior). The principal relics are ablate main altar in the busts of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Additionally, Leo XIII was the last pope to be buried in San Giovanni.

San Giovanni has a gorgeous facade. The property of San Giovanni is technically owned by the Vatican, therefore when you cross into the gates, you are technically in the Vatican state.
More amazing 22 foot statues. These ones in San Giovanni are of each of the 12 disciples.


Maria Madre Della Chiesa donated to San Giovanni from Papa Francesco

Additionally, my class went to three other sites: Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Santa Scala, and Santa Maria Maggiore.Each site had a unique set to history and many stories to tell. This pilgrimage is an essential part of learning about Catholicism in Rome.

Final thoughts…

At Santa Croce lies the tomb of Antonietta Meo, servant of God. She was an extremely pious 7 year old girl who had affected many people’s lives. She tragically died in 1937 from  cancer. Now, her tomb serves as a place for many to come and pray for children suffering from cancer.

Unfortunately, this hits close to home as my 16 year old cousin, Moises, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma this last Summer. He is extremely brave and although I haven’t known him for long, his story has changed my life.

Cancer, as a sickness, has always been something that I have struggled to come to terms with. It is such a terrible part of our lives. I hope we find a cure in my lifetime. I hope to see no child ever suffer from cancer again. Finally, I hope my cousin, Moi, kicks cancer’s butt once and for all.

All prayers are appreciated for his immediate family and him during this time.

Grazie mille




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