School Days in Italy

Hi everyone!

Some of you may see this blog and think “WOW, Cassie is having so much fun and doing no work!” You’re absolutely right!!! (sort of)

At the JFRC, we are required to take 12-15 credit hours. Because I had a really hard Fall semester (and a lot coming up academically in the next two years) I decided to let this be my “fun” semester and only take 12 credits (4 classes). All of my classes are “CORE” classes, which means non-major classes like Philosophy, History, and Theology.

I am really enjoying all of my classes so far! I have the same professor for both Philosophy classes & he’s also on my calico team-so we’ll se how close we get! Additionally for professors I have Father Ted Bohr, S.J. for Roman Catholicism and a lovely Italian woman for Opera.

Below is my class schedule:


Philosophy 130: Philosophy & Persons

Philosophy 181: Ethics

Italian Opera


Roman Catholicism


Philosophy 130: Philosophy & Persons

Philosophy 181: Ethics





As you can see, with four classes it’s not hard to have a lot of free time! I decided coming into this semester that I wanted to get involved on campus here in Rome so I am a referee for Calcio (italian word for soccer) and I am also playing on a team! We had our first match on Wednesday of last week and it was an absolute blast! I really enjoy getting to meet new people and having fun while exercising!

In addition, I do Zumba every Tuesday night-luckily my close friend here is the teacher!!! As you can see, I’m working hard to avoid the pasta pounds.

In closing, there are other activities on campus like Student Activities Council and various volunteer opportunities.

My advice would be to definitely get involved on campus. The number one way to combat homesickness is to build a life wherever you are studying abroad! Create a routine that you are comfortable and familiar with. I love to participate in Calico and Zumba to keep my sanity, but I also watch a little Netflix and socialize over a lot of cappuccinos!

Don’t be afraid to go out and explore–go get lost (and use Google Maps). Get to know where you live and make it home. Your trip will be over before you know it & I know I am already feeling sad to leave!

Ciao mi amici



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