Adventures in Bruxelles, Belgium (food edition)


Incomparable beer, fresh fried frites, crispy Belgian waffles, and creative decadent chocolate……


The Food

Ice cream et fraises waffle from Maison Dandoy
Cappuccino from OR Café
Le Comptoir de Mathilde’s assortment of Hot Chocolate dippers

Must eat Food list:
For Waffles…
Maison Dandoy-higher prices and higher quality, great atmosphere with a cute upstairs sit in restaurant or
le funambule-waffles to go, cheap with generous topping portions.

For Frites…
Fritland-this experience includes great prices with generous portions. Definitely get the flight of sauces for your dipping pleasure. They also have snack-y food like belgian style hot dogs.

For Dinner out…
Fin de seicle-well priced authentic Belgian food. this. is. where. locals. go. if you’re overwhelmed by the menu, have the server recommend, they know their stuff.

For Drinks…
Delirium-you’ll see this place on every Belgian must do list and it does not go without reason! Casual setting but dress cute if you plan on mingling. I suggest the floris apple beer or the pink killer (I might go back just for this beer). This place has a great mix of locals and tourists from all over-it’s an absolute blast. or
Chili Bar-a fun local spot for a drink and good music featuring lots of locals & things to do in the area (Place Saint Géry). For drinks try the margarita or sex on the beach…if you want a beer go for Belgian’s own Mc Chuff.

For Chocolate…
LITERALLY ANYWHERE! The streets near Grand Place are lined with the cutest chocolate shops and the best goodies. My personal favorite was Le Comptoir de Mathilde this place is absolute chocolate heaven with its broad selection and cute hot chocolate dippers.

Ultimately, these 5 fundamental food groups should be convincing enough to book a ticket to Belgium, but if not I have the “sights” portion of Belgium coming out in my next post.

Thanks for reading.

Ciao ciao for now.


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