Dinner out at Osteria del’anima

Going to a Jesuit Catholic institution has changed my life in many ways. Studying abroad in Rome is just one of many doors that have been opened to me as I’ve been a student at Loyola.

On Wednesday, the school held Loyola’s usual Mass of the Holy Sprit at an Ignatian church in downtown Rome. Although, I didn’t attend mass (I had class), I was able to attend the amazing dinner after mass with some friends and JFRC faculty.

Below are a few pictures from that wonderful night.

A photo of myself enjoying this evening’s wine!
My first authentic Italian Caprese salad featuring a pesto drizzle, balsamic reduction, fresh tomato, and creamy mozzarella all garnished with a dash of Rocket.

The most exquisite part of the evening was the famous Pear Pasta (which does not photograph well). But nonetheless, this pasta is life changing!!! Homemade pear stuffed pasta (in the form of a pasta like tortellini) will be my new go to meal!

After, I was offered a slice of lasagna, that I politely declined because absolutely nothing could compare to the pear pasta.

Following the dinner.. la dolce was life changing! It was a gelato truffle, which was essentially a scoop of coffee gelato covered by a cream that tasted like birthday cake batter and white sprinkles! It was a personal favorite and I’m dying to eat more gelato and find even better dolce!

Ciao for now!



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