St Peter’s Basilica

Roman Catholicism Series Part 1

I would like to start my blog out with a very fond memory…. one of glory and heroism. As we approached St Peter’s, I became more and more excited. To me, exploring this city is just another day living an absolute dream!

Now, I strongly adhere to the idea that I’d rather have memories than pictures. I try very hard to be present when it comes to site seeing. I want to embrace the ambiance so one day I can do more than just show someone a picture on my iPhone. Of course, however, I also consider Photography one of my very few hobbies-so I always snap a couple pics!

Anyways back to the story. Just my luck, the one moment where I decide to be an absolute tourist-phone glued to my hand and eyes glued to my phone, I completely 180 degrees biff it down the stairs of St Peter’s Basilica. One moment I was attempting the perfect rule of thirds picture of the entry way of St Peter’s, the next I’m down on all fours with all eyes on me. It was a very traumatic experience, one I may not live down.




Founded in 324; rebuilt 1506-1615
Designed by Bernini and built between 1656 and 1667

The walkway to Hadrian’s Tomb is lined with many statues of angels–each of whom are 22 feet tall in stature! They each hold a different symbol from the passion of Christ. The art here is just unreal.


IMG_0997 (1)

IMG_0998The Basilica functions as a Martyr’s shrine and Tomb (Saint Peter’s Tomb is visible in an underground tour). St Peter is one of the most influential apostles in the Christian faith for many reasons. He denied being a follower of Christ three times, but this allows a relatable figure for many Christian’s today. St Peter brings hope, faith, inspiration, and truth to many people through his actions and words.

As you can see, I don’t have many photos of this experience. Some things just cannot be captured by photo! If you do visit St Peter’s make sure to stop by Michelangelo’s Pieta. It’s absolutely amazing! The photos turn out pretty horrible because it is protected by a glass screen, so enjoy it for what it is!

Side note, all churches are free to enter in Rome, so if someone asks for money–it’s a scam!

That’s it for today!

Baci Baci & Ciao Ciao!



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