My weekend on the Costeria Amalfitano day 1



IMG_0750.jpgThis is one of the standing temples dedicated to Pagan Gods or Goddesses. The architecture is greco-roman influenced. A long time ago, the Paestum area was inhabited by Greeks. During this time, this part of Italy was coastal. Now, however, the land mass has evidently grown and the beach is a couple of miles away. After taking back Italy from the Greeks, many Italians moved to this area and thus built on top of the original sites with their Roman style architecture. This is why you can see a combination of both types of architecture when examining these structures. Also, notice the size of the Doric columns. I don’t understand how people can build things like this…nonetheless they’re incredible!

I feel so lucky to get to see all these amazing places! The best part about these school sanctioned trips are the fact that I get to experience places I would have never found on my own. The rich history and architecture is inspiring. I really appreciate having a guided tour of these places and I’m happy our tour guide for Paestum was so awesome!

The site contains a roman forum (again this is the title for where the main market was held) and many greco-roman temples dedicated to various higher ups. There isn’t much left of the space after all the destruction of Italy, so I am bewildered that we can still see structures like this today! Also, the area is still under excavation, so there is a lot more to see in the coming years! Experiences like these really makes history come alive. Also, notice what a perfect day this was for an adventure-after spending a couple days being poured on while exploring I loved the clear skies!

Besides seeing the ruins, there is also a museum on site. It was cool to see the things they dug up from the site. This included slabs from a very interesting tomb showing many traditional games being played at the funeral of this man. The main piece is of the buried man jumping into a pool, which signifies the passing from Earth to Heaven. I cannot believe how old these frescos are and how thousands of years later we can still enjoy them.

After exploring the site, we enjoyed dinner at our Hotel (Lloyd’s Baia Hotel) and went to bed for early wake up call on Saturday! The hotel was situated right on the beach in Vietri sul Mare. Before dinner, I had a few moments to explore the town (just a short walk up from the hotel). The town is known for its amazing ceramic pieces! I got a couple souvenirs for my place in Chicago. The food was good! We started with various appertivo, moved onto primi (noodles with red sauce) and then secondi (vegetarian omelette) e dolce (fresh fruit and a passionfruit cake). It was satisfactory!

Thanks for reading! Onto the next day where we saw A LOT.

Baci Baci & Ciao mi amici


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