A Sunday in Caprarola, Italy

After an amazing Saturday spent at the Colosseum and Roman Forum, the school scheduled to have us students spend a day in the Tuscia countryside. We ended up in a small Italian town named Caprarola. We got to tour the Villa Farnese, which is the essential historic property here. Many students, including myself, agreed this was certainly a favorite site.

Being led through the Villa Farnese by an amazing tour guide, Daniella, created a very special afternoon for us. I learned a lot about the property, some of which I share down below!

I hope you find these pictures sufficient to articulate the grandeur holdings of the quaint city.

IMG_0630Here is a picture of the fake cave in the winter gardens at Villa Farnese where the Cardinal, Alessandro Farnese (the future Pope Paul III), would watch his theatrical entertainment in the winter! The cave is also featured in Begnini’s version of Pinocchio.
IMG_0612.jpgA beautiful home I walked by in Caprarola. What an inspiring and happy shade of yellow! Most italian homeowners incorporate gorgeous flora into their home aesthetic and I absolutely adore this!
IMG_0616.jpgThe Villa is a pentagon shape. It is even claimed that the architectural structure of this building is where the Pentagon got its idea. This courtyard is the central and most social part of the Villa. Guests of the Pope would come in through the main gate (not pictured) and park their horse and carriages here. In addition, the natural lighting capability of including a courtyard in the middle of the Villa is one of the most unique and significant pieces to this breathtaking property.
IMG_0617.jpgA gorgeous fountain located in one of the main Public rooms in the Villa. Also, notice the ceramic tiled flooring-incredible!
IMG_0631To finish off the night we were taken to another beautiful property–what amazing company for dinner at Parco di Cimini! We drank wine and had way to much bruschetta! Great conversations and lots of laughter. On the way home we all enjoyed an infamous Italian sunset. Perfection. (Pictured: Katie, Abigail, and Brooke)

Ciao Ciao!



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