Giorno uno in la città eterna

I arrived in Rome, Italy on Wednesday, January 13th to begin my study abroad. The past couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind as I’ve sat through orientation. Not all parts were mundane though. Pictured below, you can see some of the fun things that I did throughout orientation. 

Wednesday was a full day of waiting in line. Upon arrival to campus, I had to wait in line to make sure that all of our documents were completed in order for us to be eligible to legally stay in Italy for an extended period of time. After that, I had a little time to move into Hannah and I’s room before attending our school wide introductory meeting. Although the day felt extremely long and tedious (aside from the fact that I WAS IN ROME!!), the day wasn’t all mundane because I got to experience my first Italian gelato!

Sì, vorrei una piccola cupola di Pistacchio!

Thursday was filled with orientation meetings-we had a strict and long rotational cycle. Everything was super helpful, but after getting two hours of sleep the night before, it was hard to be excited. That evening, however, the school held a welcome dinner. It was featured in the Mensa, which is Italian for cafeteria, but the food was much more high scale than the usual. We had il cibo e beve like bruschetta, fromaggio, e proessco! After the dinner, the school held a “scavenger hunt.” My team and I didn’t really participate, but used it as an excuse to navigate our way downtown into the heart of Rome!

We covered a lot of ground. We experienced la fontana di Trevi, il pantheon, la piazza Navona, via del Corso, e la piazza Cavour. They were all absolutely breathtaking! Even though it was pouring rain that night, we walked around for maybe 4 or 5 hours just embracing Rome.

Thursday held more informational meetings. Throughout, it was fun to meet and get to know new people from Loyola and other schools. Dinner was especially great because I got to join other students and staff at the “dinner in the Balduina Neighborhood.” We went to a restaurant called Capelli. The meal was fantastic.  Noi abbiamo bevuto vino rosso e abbiamo mangiato la bruschetta. I learned that night that I really like Syrah.

After the meal, my friends and I went out for drinks at Elliot’s bar. It’s a local Irish pub in the Monte Mario area. A lot of local Italians were eating dinner there with their families & that was charming.

We ordered drinks and sat outside. It was an absolute blast to finally be able to order my first Mojito! The drinks and company were multi primi! A lot of fellow JFRC students made it to Elliot’s as well, so the place was packed with smiles and laughter. What a authentically great night!


More to come soon… so far the adventure has been no stop and jam packed with wonder.

Baci Baci e Ciao mi amici!



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